Update: Getting to the Santa Cruz Church

29 April 12 – If you are visiting the Santa Cruz Church, please note that the ferry doesn’t stop at the church anymore. The Santa Cruz pier has been dismantled.

The ferry from Pak Klong Talat goes directly to the Wat Kalayanamit pier. From there take a walk to the Santa Cruz Church. It’s about 100m.

You’ll pass the Kuan Yin Shrine along the way. This old shrine is definitely worth visiting. Please see getting to the Kuan Yin Shrine.

The fare for the ferry crossing from Pak Klong Talat pier to Wat Kalayanamit is now 3.5 baht (from 3 baht before) per single trip. You pay your fare as you leave Pak Klong Talat and when you return.

Full News here – Bangkok Legacies blog

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