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A trailer for the film ‘Bangkok Girl’ which aired on CBC Newsworld in Canada and was their highest rated film in 5 years for that program. It is available on DVD with special features (including deleted interviews and subtitles in French, German, Japanese and Spanish) visit

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  1. Bollocks Racenemo, there is a difference between forced by poverty and seduced by the large and easy amounts of thai baht. the truth will lie somewhere in between, Pood jing jing mai law!!!!
    not every thai bar girl comes from absolute poverty, and certainly not “almost all without exception”

  2. It would seem the film maker was looking for a vulnerable girl to project his own perceptions, the thai girl knew exactly what to offer up and he swallowed the lot, hook line and sinker. In the course of events he became the most vulnerable. I would also like to know why she was in his hotel room, and why he was acting like she belongs in some way to himself.
    In my opinion this fool was taken for a ride. good an proper thai style:)

  3. The movie takes a very naive view of the sex trade in Thailand. The “tear jerking” ending is a downright fabrication. Only watch this if you want to become dumber.

  4. Homage to the Great Compassionate Kuan Shi Yin Pu Sa

    In one physical and mental entity manifesting a thousand hands and eyes contemplating and perceiving the Dharmadhatu, protecting and keeping sentient beings, causing them to make the great resolve for enlightenment, teaching them to recite the perfect sacred Dharani.

    Na mo ho la ta no to la yeh yeh na mo a li yeh po lu chieh ti shuo po la yeh pu ti sa to po yeh mo ho chia lu ni chia yeh an sa po la fa I shu ta…

    Na Mo Kuan Shi Yin Pu Sa!

  5. usarmycaptainamerica · Edit

    How about the videotaping and exposing the Police as corrupt?? This video I am sure embarrassed quite a few people. People have died for less than that.

  6. We are happy to post your thoughts. Your last 2 comments will be posted once we have received your ‘source’ for the filmmaker’s quotes…which we explained in the email we sent you. All the best and thank you for sharing your opinions.

  7. gretchcountrygentle · Edit

    This film does not add up. No one would kill her for nothing , she was not a druggie or a hussie.. Sounds like Mr Clark has been reading too many Bangkok tearjerker novels. But since he didnt’ post my other two replies , he won’t post this one . Right , Mr Clark? Could affect your revenues, huh ? Exploiter extraordinaire for lack of a better word…..


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