Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok ( Original Music Video ) HD / HQ – Bangkok Video

Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok HD / HQ

13 Responses to “Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok ( Original Music Video ) HD / HQ – Bangkok Video”

  1. JonsRedemptionIsland says:

    Yeah, but I meant the original

  2. offbalanceprod says:

    Um, Youtube chooses the ads. I got one for Bacardi alcohol. Best to send your displeasure to Youtube than to lineusan.

  3. ShadowPsychology says:

    I will never again access this track from your video. Not after you inserted the anti-Romney ad in the front. I will access the less HD version without the ad. I detest ads. But I detest political ones even more, especially ones that try to take advantage of what is thought to be an anti-Republican sentiment among music-lovers.

  4. theregulators2007 says:

    Mike Tyson sang it at the end of the movie

  5. JonsRedemptionIsland says:

    Why was this not used in Hangover 2?

  6. Lydia Shipp says:

    love it

  7. Rachelllxxxxx says:

    the champion (russia)

  8. TheHeroesFall says:

    I just keep picturing mike tyson singing this.

  9. 1SnarfyDude says:

    so who was the chick playing against him? She was beautiful.

  10. Modavoda says:

    STUFF itunes apple has enuff profit…YTD this baby (:

  11. brestfedfromadog says:

    yeeeeaaaaa! i remember this song :))))

  12. KubernetePirata says:

    I thought it’s about Thailand, what are they doing in China?

  13. ASmiles0520 says:

    Is it weird that I’m doing just that?


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