Chatuchak Market – Bangkok’s Gigantic Weekend Market (ตลาดนัดจตุจักร) – Bangkok Video

Go to for more travel and street food! The Chatuchak Market (ตลาดนัดจตุจักร) in Bangkok is one of the city’s most beloved shopping destinations. With estimates of some 15000 stalls altogether (that includes all makeshift stalls and little pop-up stands as well), and attracting over 200000 shoppers on each day of the weekend, the market is the busiest and most well known in all of Thailand. Each Saturday and Sunday, local Thais and foreign tourists flock to the market in search of great deals and interesting finds. There’s really a section for just about anything you can imagine – and I’m sure you’ll find some things you’d have never imagined… ever! In this video I first get off the BTS skytrain and the market is just a 5 minute walk from there. Just follow the crowds and you’ll be lead straight to the gates of the market. Clothes and retro designed trendy fashion are all popular at the market, but one of the most interesting sections is the cat and dog and pets section. If you should happen to want to purchase a pet on you holiday in Bangkok, you can get one at JJ Market! One thing can be guaranteed on any visit, it will be hot! So make sure you stay hydrated when you visit. There are plenty of drink stands where you can grab a cold bottle of water or a beverage that I drank called “nam bai bua bok” which is pennyworth juice – healthy and refreshing. In Bangkok (and all throughout Thailand for that matter), food is never far away. All throughout
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24 Responses to “Chatuchak Market – Bangkok’s Gigantic Weekend Market (ตลาดนัดจตุจักร) – Bangkok Video”

  1. iminitune says:

    i lived in Sydney now i will be back Thailand next year on march for holiday
    555 i want to join with you i think we same kind of people
    i like to travel

  2. migrationology says:

    kup kun kup, thank you for watching and glad that you were able to show your friends this video to get them to come to Thailand. I hope your friends will visit. Where are you living now?

  3. iminitune says:

    thank you from my country
    i just try to find vdo from my country
    to show oversea friend who want to travel in my country

    your vdo can help me and my country to let them go there
    Thank you so much kaa” ขอบคุณมากค่ะ”

    u also can c my travel vdo but only in thai version^^

  4. migrationology says:

    A DSLR Canon 550d with an 18-135mm lens

  5. trivi7000 says:

    Hello what camera did you use ?

  6. migrationology says:

    Thanks, great to know you like the prices, I’ll keep posting!

  7. Abdul jabbar says:

    I like your videos because you reveal everything of the dishes with their prices. Please keep continue.

  8. migrationology says:

    Yah, there’s really just about everything at Chatuchak!

  9. pausethemoment says:

    I need to get myself to this market the next time I’m in Bangkok! Looks like a ton of fun.

  10. Gaurav Nerkar says:

    hey thank you very much.will be in pattaya and bangkok and from then KL and singapore.

  11. migrationology says:

    That’s great to hear, I’m so glad the videos have helped. Thank you for watching and sharing with your friends!

  12. migrationology says:

    Cool, I wonder how it’s changed since then? Maybe pretty similar but maybe larger now?

  13. migrationology says:

    Thanks a lot James, I appreciate it!

  14. migrationology says:

    Haha, ok, next time a 15 minute video. You’ve got to test Thai Airways, they better take good care of the puppy you buy! Hope you have a great upcoming trip to Bangkok!

  15. migrationology says:

    Yes, I do love it as well – it’s so earthy and healthy tasting. I’ve also eaten a curry made with the same leaves – great taste as well! Thanks for watching, glad you enjoyed it!

  16. adpentinc says:

    Penny wart juice is great isn’t it? Every visit I always have ample amounts of Penny wart and fresh sugarcane juice. Refreshing and tasty. God I envy your life :-).. Love it and keep it coming plz.

  17. Gaurav Nerkar says:

    wow…i am coming to thailand this saturday..but i wonder how thai airways will treat those puppies?i mean i havent seen any pets on any airline…lolz.anyways very nice video.but so short..for 15k vendors i think 15 min video should have been reasonable time.

  18. smythe62 says:

    You can taste the Earth….LOL Love your vids, stay safe. ….James

  19. bluestone1980 says:

    I remember going to this market in 2003. It was amazing

  20. HBD2me says:

    I just share your vid to my japanese friend who is coming to thailand at the end of oct. Your vids help me a lot. Thank you

  21. migrationology says:

    Haha, and lots of people stop to play and pet them!

  22. migrationology says:

    Yes, very tropical humid!

  23. migrationology says:

    Thank you very much for watching, glad you enjoyed this one! I agree, I think markets around the world have some of the most creative people – so many interesting little things and also the way people use whatever resources they have on hand to accomplish all tasks. I still don’t exactly know how those popsicles work so well!

  24. migrationology says:

    Hey, Yes, I went there a few weeks ago as well – Talad Nat Rot Fai – a lot of interesting antiques!


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