Bangkok Renaissance Official first Trailer 2012 (aka Rebirth) [HD] – Bangkok Video

Release is:7 March 2011 (Thailand), 13 June 2012 in France cast: Jon Foo Michaël Cohen Caroline Ducey Director:Jean-Marc Minéo March 24th, John Fu (Jon Foo) arrived in Paris at the Bercy sports palace, where to celebrate the release of his new film “Bangkok Renaissance” (previously Rebirth / Rebirth) held a demonstration performance in front of 15000 spectators at the 27th Festival of Martial Arts He also participated in a photo shoot for French magazine “Karate Bushido”. Premiere thriller “Bangkok Renaissance” directed by Jean-Marc Mineo (Jean-Marc Minéo) to be held 13th June 2012 in France. Interesting facts: – Jean-Marc Mineo previously studied at the Shaolin temple, and in 1987 won the world championship in kung fu. – John Fu on the penultimate day of shooting was a serious leg injury, but continued to appear with his leg in plaster.

10 Responses to “Bangkok Renaissance Official first Trailer 2012 (aka Rebirth) [HD] – Bangkok Video”

  1. FaithBvb6 says:

    same here :3

  2. Jun3Awzme says:

    lololol :oo

  3. kittie479 says:

    sluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrpppppp!! yummeh!!

  4. Jun3Awzme says:

    Is it out everywhere?? I want to see iiiiit ._.

  5. Jun3Awzme says:

    Jon Foo <3 He’s hot and talented. :oo

  6. KungFuFilmz says:

    just because its jon foo ill watch it hahaha

  7. กุลวดี แซ่ว่าง says:

    when this movie going to come out…????

  8. natalia torres says:


  9. proudaznpride96 says:

    looks like Ong Bak but shittier

  10. ExoticFireGirl says:

    Jon Foo is such a 10


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