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Nana Plaza is one of the top nightlife spots in Bangkok, much more at: & if you ever t…
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  1. Fantastic video. Thank you.
    Any chance of upgrading to HD1080?
    This video is blurry on the big screen.

  2. Unfortunately things have changed…
    never mind,I was in Thailand for the first time in 1995… best time ever!
    This year ,I am 42 years old,as you said,better deal…
    Agree but things will be never the same….

  3. We all know about the good old days. But things have changed.
    It’s still a better deal than we can find in our home countries.

  4. That would still be a little too expensive for me. Thanks.

  5. It’s been many years since I visited Nana Plaza. It’s back to your place. I would think it would cost you at least 3000 baht these days, not including the bar fine. Bangkok has gotten expensive in many ways. Still cost effective compared to the USA, though.

  6. Do u know the cost to take each girl back inside this bar? Is it back to yours or theirs and is it included in price? thanks.

  7. Oh yeah. I’ve definitely moved on. I like Chiang Mai and Pattaya much better. Most of the time I can even breathe the air, unlike Bangkok.

  8. Tu es un rigolo,ma petite poule….. Time is up…..Fun boy!


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