Pattaya Walking Street – VLOG 120 – Bangkok Video

Pattaya Walking Street, Thailand – VLOG 120

A video of a night out around the bars in Pattaya, Thailand. This video is all at Walking Street and starts around 11:30pm. This is the second of 3 parts.

Bars seen in this video include:

0:02 Pheromone Agogo
1:12 Crazy House Agogo
1:32 Happy Agogo
2:12 Country Bar, lots of ladyboys
3:10 Palace Agogo
4:46 Moon Club – gogo bar
5:44 Skyfall Agogo
7:49 A stroll up Soi 15 alley
8:24 Sapphire Club – gogo bar
8:56 Misty’s Agogo
9:07 What’s Up Agogo and Imagine Club
9:19 Babydolls Agogo
10:50 Inside Walking Street Club, the one with the car on the wall
12:02 Outro from the Crazy Horse Circus bar on Bangla Road, Patong

Additional notes:

I’ve made some updates to the Pattaya interactive map recently including adding Mama’s cafe from Soi 6. See here to check it out:

If you are thinking of booking a Pattaya hotel in the $20-40 range, make sure to read this website post for more info including essential booking tips:

If you are thinking of booking a Pattaya Hotel in the $50+ range then read this website post for essential booking tips:

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  1. Tiger as you said is brewed in Thailand but it's a Singapore beer. it may be cheap and there's a reason why it's cheap, it isn't any good. I had the runs 2x drinking Tiger!! will never touch it again, I rather drink Leo before I drink Tiger.

  2. you can use spy glass so that we can watch inside

  3. I do the same thing. When I notice a sexy ass like that, the next thing I have to see is what kind of face she has. Don't want one of those coyote ugly moments the next morning, lol.

  4. but you have to say, the most of thai don't like black people. thats my experience being there 8times and saw in many situations with different thai. in general they don't like people from india and black people. they are going to treat them well of course but considering having something with a black guy or white, they prefer the white guys.

  5. skyfall has nude dancers?

  6. That berk on the mike in Walking Street club wants shooting

  7. Jesus, that dj in the club needs to eat a dick and shut up!!

  8. Freelancers in a bar I never seem to pick them lol

  9. She's a cutie @9:38. Can you find her ig name or interview?

  10. is go go bar similar to strip clubs?

  11. Do you have a crush on one of the greeter girls at Skyfall? ;)

  12. Merry Christmas Bangkok112…We truly appreciate the vids…

  13. of course Thai girls love black guys. Know why? because they love money. they sleep with old rotted white men, fat men, stupid men, ugly men, handsome men as long as the men have the money :)

  14. Really nice work B112! It was juicy booty night on Walking Street.

  15. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to You Bk112!!!! :)

  16. Guy, God bless Pattaya. Wonderful place to be.

  17. the chick @00:14 is hot, looks Chinese

  18. i wish you got more footage of juggs 🙁 i have to go to Pattaya to find her now!

  19. Your videos are very interesting and they drew me in. I don't know anything about Thailand but every time I see a white guy with a Thai woman is it safe to assume that it is a prostitute?

  20. Why do these guys pay prostitutes just to walk around with them? Why not just get back to a hotel as quickly as possible. Who would pay to just walk around with a woman?

  21. Can you explain the numbers on those girls? thx

  22. 6:30

    Nice to here a Little Rage Against The Machine on the strip ;)

  23. 10:18 Ladyboy ? Yes or No? Make your pick


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