Nandarukha (Marathi: नांदरूख) – Bangkok Picture

Nandarukha (Marathi: नांदरूख)

It is the official tree of Bangkok, Thailand.

Moraceae (mulberry family) » Ficus benjamina

FY-kus or FIK-us — from the Latin for fig
ben-juh-MYE-nuh — from benjan, the Indian name for this plant

commonly known as: benjamin tree, golden fig, Java fig, tropic-laurel, Chinese banyan, weeping fig, weeping-laurel, willow fig • Hindi: पुकर pukar • Malayalam: putra juvi • Marathi: नांदरूक nandaruka or नांदरूख nandarukha • Sanskrit: banij, mandara • Tamil: நீண்டமரவகை nintamaravakai, வெள்ளால் vellal • Telugu: konda golugu, konda zuvvi, పెద్ద౛ువ్వి pedda zuvvi, putra zuvvi

Origin: tropical regions of India, Malaya to North Australia

… one of the most popular houseplants that is grown specially for its very decorative shiny, green oval leaves, it can be pruned to almost any shape and size, grown as an evergreen tree or large shrub in offices and used for interior landscaping.

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