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Bad Night in Chiang Mai – Vlog 142 – Bangkok Video

Published: 2017-03-13 15:00:00

Bad Night in Chiang Mai – Thailand Nightlife, 2017 – Vlog 142

A recent night out around the bars of Chiang Mai, Thailand. On this night I went out far too late and my chosen place for food was too busy and it ended up being a bad night overall.

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Parts of this video include (feel free to skip around):

0:04 Random back alley in the old city of Chiang Mai
0:54 Mad Dog bar
1:31 Loi Kroh girlie bar street
4:14 Chiang Mai Entertainment Complex, bars and a bit of Muay Thai
8:38 Starxix gogo bar
10:54 Foxy Lady gogo bar
13:27 Spotlight gogo bar
14:12 Where is the weed brother? 🙂
15:16 Spicy Nighclub
17:22 BB Burger
18:44 Rats near the moat (loads of em’)
20:26 Domestic argument outside my hotel
21:30 Outro from the Crazy Horse Circus bar in Patong

Additional notes:

This bad night out was all my own fault as I went out far too late initially. If you’re hitting the bars of Chiang Mai I recommend to go out no later than 7pm, ideally start around sunset (6pm) to ensure you have enough drinking time.

My plan was simple for the night, have some food at the Mad Dog, then head to Loi Kroh street for some beers, maybe check out the Muay Thai boxing, hit some gogo bars, and then Spicy nightclub later on. But it didn’t all go to plan…

I also lost my iPhone on this night too (100% my fault) and that’s probably what prompted me to head back to the hotel early.

My following nights out in Chiang Mai were much better than this one, as I went out 6pm and had plenty of time for hitting the bars and made it to a few clubs too.

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Some local news is curated - Original might have been posted at a different date/ time! Click the source link for details.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad night! I'm in Pattaya now having a great time with your recommendations and insights. Thanks for doing this channel.

  2. Lived in chiang mai for 1 year and never seen so many rats in my life… At the apartment complex where i stayed the had to use a smoke machine to smoke them out of the sewers every 2 weeks. I was eating mcdonalds breakfast outside one morning (the same one you filmed) and saw a rat checking my food from the garden ledge, had to move..

  3. 112, is the Kiwi Sports Bar still open at the entrance to the Loi Kroh sporting complex there? looks all shuttered up..

  4. bb burger was called mikes burger about 12 years ago,,was very good then…
    good to see uncle Albert out on the town lol

  5. Wow glad you touched on it! DO NOT go karaoke bar in CM they will rip you off massive time, i am a dumb c*nt been twice don't even get birds for sex they just try drink as many drinks(prob tip them out when your not watching) as they can and they'll charge u at least 300baht a girl drink then charge you for everything like the room, then room service, the girls(u don't even f*ck). if you last an hour they'll bill you like 10,000 baht (as example) then you'll refuse to pay it….then they'll say ok will take this off and this off pay 7000 still ripping you off at least 5000(something like that) then if you don't pay big trouble (hope u can fight real good) massive scam!! don't get drunk like i did and go lol lesson learnt all good times though 555. Tuk Tuk will try get you there after bars and clubs close…saying ladies ladies u think maybe brothel/bar or club but its not. its a scam rip u off only bad thing bout CM in few times I've been there.

  6. oh……..plenty of rats !! you need the pipe piper….

  7. those rats are tiny compared to BKK!

  8. those rats are tiny compared to BKK!

  9. They need a dozen  rat terriers to walk that moat at night they could kill 200 in a couple of hours….lol

  10. thanks another high quality vlog, many peoples want to copy you buy no onr success in youtube. 🙂

  11. IMO, chiang mai having potential in night life beside bkk,patong, pattaya, but i know due to religion factor, chinag mai cant be have many gogo bar or dirty massage

  12. Tourist get injured is very very common on vietnam, last timr I go Hanoi 3 days at least 5 westerner no luck on that! The traffic is more horrible than Thai.

  13. 14:39 I thought yes, the tuktuk driver will tell the guy to karaoke. The Karaoke and this guy may have big problem on that night.

  14. 19:26 so many, i thought at least 20 mice there!!

  15. "Wonder what she did?" Why do you assume SHE did anything? From the looks of the bloke, she did nothing and he is just a jackass.

  16. That HR music track at the end was great.
    Super vlog. Thank you.

  17. Rats the size of chihuahuas

  18. Chiang Mai looks dead compared to Bangkok.

  19. Thought the guy at 5:30 was Mike Pence 🙂

  20. Never seen so many rats in my life.

  21. bad night and rats ……..warts and all… honest video….good stuff!


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