PATTAYA NIGHTLIFE GIRLS | Soi Buakhao, LK Metro | Travel to Thailand Bangkok Pattaya 2017 – Bangkok Video

Published: 2017-03-14 16:00:00

Pattaya nightlife, Bangkok nightlife, Phuket nightlife is the most interesting adventure when you travel to Thailand

0:00 Pattaya Walking Street by night. The most popular night club in Pattaya Ibar Insomnia Pattaya. This is on the the brightest center of nightlife in Pattaya Thailand

1:40 Walk around popular tourist destinations in Thailand Pattaya like Soi Buakhao and LK metro. Beer bars, gogo clubs are empty by day there. But there are a lot of tourist anyway at anytime. They go out to have late breakfast after shuffling all night or go to somthere else shops, swimming pools or just walk around staring at thai girls prepearing ro nightlife…

5:35 Walking by Second road to Kiss Food restaurant from my hotel in Pattaya Veiw Talay 6. Early morning party at the restaurant with thai girls, thai food till noon


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  1. This place looks insane!! Reminds me soo much of KL when I went!

  2. Hanny looks better in brunette.

  3. id love to boomboom wth hanny ,

  4. Hanny is a "big" girl now ?

  5. Lk Metro or Walking Street, which one do you prefer?

  6. she back you couldn't stay away huh lol

  7. Another 11-minute video with 3 minutes of new content and 8 minutes of footage that we've already seen in 50 other videos. This channel is becoming a joke.

  8. Hanny is pretty but she never talk ! She is a bit boring… The funny blonde girl is the best

  9. I really enjoyed this video.  The girl that Sasha was with is hot–I just love her smile (@7:14).  I've seen all your videos.  You could turn all your Pattaya adventures into a reality show  🙂   I definitely would watch.  Thanks much for doing what you so.

  10. On Your Upload Picture Who is The Girl in The Black Bikini? I Would Have Loved To See Her in Your Video! Bring Her Too Your
    Hotel Room And Let's See Her in a Bikini And See Her Feet, She is Hot!! Make a Video Of Her! Keep Up The Good Work!

  11. i realy think its time to have new lady…

  12. 6:57 "I love your toilet", 🙂 :), she's very funny, i'd like to see her in next videos


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