Learning Thai with Jen – 25 Useful Thai Phrases For Beginners

25 Useful Thai Phrases For Beginners

Here are usefull words and phrases for “Thai for beginners” that will help travelers and people just starting to learn Thai.

(Always Remember males say Khrup after a sentance while females say Ka)

1. Hello – Sawadee khrup/ka

2. How are you? – Sa bai dee mai khrup/ka

3. Fine, thank you – Sa bai dee khrup/ka

4. Thank you – khop khun khrup/ka

5. Yes – Chai khrup/ka

6. No – Mai khrup/ka

7. Maybe – Aa ja khrup/ka

8. Never mind/it’s okay/no problem – Mai ben rai khrup/ka

9. I cannot speak Thai – Phom/chan puut passa Thai mai dai khrup/ka

10. Please speak slowly – Ga ru na phuut cha cha khrup/ka

11. I don’t understand – Phom/chan Mai kao jai khrup/ka

12. Where is the rest room? – Hong nam yoo tee nai khrup/ka?

13. How much does this cost? – Ra ka tao rai khrup/ka?

14. Can you give me a discount please?– Ga ru na lot ra ka hai noi khrup/ka?

15. What is this? – Nee ku arai…

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