Chinatown, Bangkok – The Sights and Sounds – Bangkok Video

Published: 2017-03-15 13:38:57

On Tuesday, I took the BTS and water ferry to Chinatown in Bangkok and what a day it was. Incredibly busy, with the typical sights and sounds of what you’d expect. I loved the hustle, bustle and mix of tourists and locals going about their business. Night or Day, Chinatown is an amazing experience.

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  1. Great video, but watch out for those deep fried calories Darren!

  2. On Tuesday, I took the BTS and water ferry to Chinatown in Bangkok and what a day it was. Incredibly busy, with the typical sights and sounds of what you'd expect

  3. I follow you on YouTube longtime from and I love that enjoy Thailand my country

  4. Great vlog looks hot out there
    Great shots on the river take care:)

  5. Hey Darren!

    I started watching you a while ago, think the first video I came across was the 'Why Im quitting my job to travel the world' video. Since then I have also quit my Job to travel the world! haha. You were definitely a part of the motivation to get me going!

    Anyway somewhere along the way I lost your channel (I think I was just busy making things happen!) but it's good to see your still making content!

    I have a question that you must have answered at some point but I have missed… what camera are you using for these videos and also your Instagram pictures? Looks so sharp!

    Anyway just wanted to drop by and say hey! P.S Your looking good man! Keep it up!

  6. hey great video:) Loving the edits! Im actually a new youtuber myself! Anyway have a great day and keep the content coming 🙂

  7. Top video, I didn't visit Chinatown when I was in Bangkok, which is a shame as I love my food 😀
    Loving the sounds! These sounds are relaxing to me.

  8. are there many healthy food options in Bangkok? Really enjoying yours vlogs 🙂

  9. hi darren,,,been to china town,,,yeah i know about the footpaths,,what footpaths !! hehe chinatown like the rest of bangkok hectic !!

  10. really enjoy watching your video's, Thailand is defo my next long distance destination to visit.

  11. I've never knowingly been to China town. I believe a lot of the pavement blocking market stalls are being banned right across the city. I've got news for you, 25 baht is almost 60p now!

  12. good job…I like this kind of immersive video…weather looks hot!

  13. how is your health?i thought you were taking g time off from traveling, I am from leeds and visited Thailand 3x last year after watching your videos, thanks for the inspiration. Thailand is a amazing place , Bangkok is a colourful city.

  14. Nice one Darren! Love your Bangkok vids! I'm almost there too. Just got retrenched from work so now I have the time and money. ? Happy days! Take care and keep up the fluids. ?

  15. Another fantastic video of beautiful Bangkok. Any chance you can do a video at the Railway Train Night Markets? Cheers Darren.

  16. Great video! I was riveted to the screen! Bangkok Tourism should hire you to make a video!
    Amazing to see the market! I guess that food is appealing to the locals? The stir fry did look good though.
    What was that face at 3:51 ? LOL Was she flirting, or smiling for the camera, or wanting you to go away?

  17. A marvellous, vibrant society.
    If you want guidance with food in the Far East, especially Thailand, do take a look at the videos created by Mark Weins. He is a gastronomic genius and a true connoisseur and aficionado of eating in Thailand. I cannot recommend his videos enough.

  18. nice one man . love your stuff .. do u ever explore the khaosan, silom road or sukhumvit road ??


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