Thai Bar Girls Hidden Secrets 3 of 3 – Bangkok Video

Published: 2017-03-15 17:13:06

Vlog 3 of 3

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My channel is about my experiences and knowledge gained with 16 years travelling to thailand.
Getting married to a thai woman 13 years ago and still going strong.
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Buying land in thailand, building a house, managing 2 beer bars and then later this year moving to thailand for good.
Follow my experiences and journey and also my struggle to get to grips with setting up a youtube channel for the first time.

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Here are the Thailand Vloggers i watch and learn from who also inspired me to start a youtube channel, in no particular order :-

Warren Gerdes – Chanya & Wazza’s Adventures in Thailnd

Explore Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai – 3 minutes Thailand

Thailand Unplugged – Stephen and Meaw living in Bangkok

Colin in Thailand – Real Life in Thailand

Cowboy in Thailand Ray amazing reviews on everything

20 Seconds in Thailand- Thailand Rob based in Kamala Phuket Very funny and amusing watch, recommended.

Andy Wright – Travel Channel

Bangkok112 – Nightlife in Bangkok

Dead Farang – Just great watch

Eat Sleep Bangkok – Cost of living in Bangkok

Geoff Carter – Funny and informative (Drone)

Harald Baldr – Speaks Thai and rides motorcycle around Thailand.

Kev-in-Thailand – Just Excellent based in Pattaya (Drone)

Life of Thai – British Phil exploring Thailand

LifeinThailand – Amazing channel life in the village and FISH.

Pattaya Droner – Drone

Psycho Traveller – Really good

Pumpui Falang – Australian in Pattaya

Retirecheapjc – JC in Hua Hin best channel for information for retiring in Thailand and good watch.

Scott Mallon – What can i say, swears alot, funny good watch clever bloke.

Steff’s Thailand Travel – Info on Thailand

Thai lady and foreigner – Brilliant vlogs and quality to watch.

The Eyes of Owen – Funny and good watch

Graham Briar – Living in a village

Tokyo Drew – Japan vlogs

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  1. There are instances when gambling is actually happening in Thailand which is not illegal. This is when it has the attachment of 'culture' to it. e.g. Cock fighting and Buffalo fighting

  2. I would not say you are being negative at all with your 3 "Bar Girl" videos, rather you are being practical expressing your opinion based on a unique point of view. Guys coming here are more than likely to spend at least some time around the various bar areas in Thailand. It is best to be forewarned what the pitfalls can be here. Having been a sailor as a young man and coming from the West, I painted all girls who worked around the bar scene in Thailand as a "Bar Girl". That is not true. There are women who make their money around the bar trade, who do not or will not have sex for money. As you say, they may be looking for and open to a long term relationship, especially if they are older ladies. They may hang around a bar hoping to get guys to buy drinks for which they get a kickback and maybe that is even their job (to bring in business to the bar), but they are "Opportunists" not "Bar Girls". I think it is a mistake to label all girls who work around the bars in Thailand as Bar Girls (meaning prostitutes to us Westerners). The tricky part for us foreigners, is to figure out if your girl is a keeper or not. It can be a minefield, so forewarned is forearmed.

  3. Very well done coming from a manager. Please talk about the Negative..

  4. Just watched your 3 vlogs and found them very interesting… Great insight and its actually gave me some understanding to certain scenarios I've experienced while being in pattaya.. Thx L.O.S.T

  5. Your right there's always a dark side attached to this industry no matter where in the world your talking about .

  6. Hookers do drugs and have money problems. Really? Is this supposed to be secret, behind the scenes information? Save yourself 11 minutes of your life and skip this video. I already told you everything in it, which anyone already knows anyway.

  7. hi
    are still living in pattaya or in another town in thailand?


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