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Published: 2017-03-23 21:45:21

BANGKOK 112 and some other Thailand night life vloggers. and CASEY NEISTAT.
Here is another youtube channel review on Thai based vloggers. This time i talk about the night scene channels such as Bangkok 112, Pattaya bars, Pattayanz and Harold Baldr.
I give my thought on how bangkok 112 films his video’s and why he is so successful. Many tried to copy him. What camera uses bangkok 112 and how does he film?
I also mention the fact that many youtubers try to imitate Casey neistat

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  1. I enjoy Casey Neistat's channel also – he did a daily vlog for like 18 months – incredibly hard work – paid off as he sold his company to CNN for 25 million dollars.

  2. Bangkok 112 is not boring and doesn't talk borning shite that makes you fall asleep and Casey sold out to CNN Jesus man lighten up you sound so boring Harold is a brilliant vloger you could learn something from these guys

  3. I really dislike the Bangkok 112 content. Hiding the camera like that is pretty cowardly and I am sure the Thai Police must love his work.

    Ceisey honestly annoys the crap out of me. Sunny copied him so much.

  4. Why do you like Pattaya, I've just been to Patong, thinking about going to Pattaya next..

  5. You are so spot on about the guy who runs that Pattaya channel… As a viewer I feel like I'm some awkward peeping tom when i'm watching one of his videos. However I do think Harald Balder has his moments. His "Thailand Fun!" video is pure gold.

  6. Geoff Carter was making videos about Pattaya 8 years ago. Sunny in Thailand started making videos over 5 years ago etc etc. You started 3 years ago which makes you a relative youngster :-))) I do agree that the amount of Thai vloggers has gone through the roof though. Is it a bad thing though ?? I don't think so. The consumer now has a wider choice of who he/she watches. I personally like Harold Balder and have been watching his videos from the very beginning. Shame he has said he probably will never return to Thailand.

  7. I comfirm 100 % that Pattaya guy is so weird

  8. I liked this review video from your point of view, hope to see more of these.

  9. never knew Belgium had whisky there's a thing single malt ?

  10. oh I love the new style video you're doing

  11. you should talk about andy wright he is so rude to his subscribers and shows no respect to others sometimes. that made me unsub him

  12. I've been watching vloggers for the last 4 years for information in regard to Thailand . However I've found the content in the vlogs becomes irrelevant once you have entered Thailand because you always follow your own path and learn and discover things yourself just like a vlogger.. Every you tube vlogger has their specific subject but Scott mallon is the most experienced in the more important subjects .

  13. 'Things Pattaya' is the creepiest you tube vlog and the biggest waste of your life watching

  14. never liked Casey EVER, but most of the others mentioned in this thread i have enjoyed or at least found useful


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