Sukhumvit Soi 11 Walk Around, Bangkok – Aug 2017 – Bangkok Video

Published: 2017-08-26 14:00:03

Sukhumvit Soi 11 Walk Around, Bangkok – Aug 2017

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A video where I took a stroll up Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok. I point out many bars, hotels, nightclubs etc… I’ve included some old footage to draw comparisons in some sections.

Soi 11 was always my favourite place to stay in Bangkok when I used to visit on holiday because it is 10 minutes walk (or a short taxi ride) to both Nana and Cowboy, and the better clubs were on your doorstep.

If you are thinking of booking a Soi 11 hotel then make sure to read this guide on the website with essential booking tips:

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Skytrain, and start of Soi 11
1:49 Grand Swiss Hotel
2:30 Zanzibar Restaurant
3:01 Villa Market – Best Supermarket with high quality produce
3:30 Former site of Cheap Charlie’s Bar (with a 2016 pic for comparison)
3:54 Overbuilding of condominiums around Bangkok Skytrain stations
including one where units start at $900k
5:44 Suk 11 hostel
6:40 Rosabieng open air restaurant
7:07 Ambassador Hotel
7:19 Climax Nightclub is closed (old footage from 2016)
8:51 Pomodoro Italian restaurant
9:48 Old German Beerhouse
10:10 Pizzeria Limoncello
10:20 Zaks Dining and Lounge
11:19 Sugar Club
11:28 Australian Pub
10:50 Salil hotel, one of the best boutique hotels in Sukhumvit
12:28 Hillary 3 and Ava bars
12:56 WTF moment of the vid
13:03 Mercure hotel and El Guacho steakhouse
13:39 More condominium projects
14:47 Citadines Apart’hotel & Mullis Irish bar
15:45 Oskar Bistro
16:10 Aloft hotel and Levels club
17:38 Le Fenix hotel
18:28 Holiday Inn Express
18:39 Brew bar (craft beers) and Daniel Thaiger burger booth
19:10 Chilli Culture Thai Kitchen Restaurant
19:40 New Insanity club & how it looked a year ago
20:49 Firehouse burgers, still a decent place to get your burger fix
21:01 Former site of Q Bar
21:20 Apoteka bar
21:33 Brasserie Cordonnier, newly opened French restaurant
23:34 Fraser Suites 5-star serviced apartments, including Charcoal Indian restaurant and Above Eleven rooftop bar
24:46 Mototaxi ride from Fraser Suites to Sukhumvit road (20 baht)
27:28 Outro showing the alley between Soi 3 and Soi 11

Additional notes:

A lot has changed in Bangkok since the summer of 2016. All over the city street food carts and restaurants are being driven out in a move to make the elite more money. On soi 11 many of the street food carts have been replaced by permanently parked vans and taxis.

Condominiums in Bangkok are being built at breakneck speed, especially around the Skytrain and MRT stations. There is a land grab too, where older buildings are being bought up, demolished, and held for future condominiums to be built. At some stations such as On Nut and Udom Suk they have overbuilt condos so much that the local infrastructure can’t cope at rush hours.

Due to this overbuilding there is almost no resale market in Bangkok for these condos, as prospective buyers simply buy the new units. Bangkok condos are often not the best long term investments, as many suffer ongoing problems by being poorly designed, poorly built, and have bad property management agencies. The oversupply means that selling for a profit is very hard to achieve.

Cheap Charlie’s is gone as was the nice row of restaurants in the alley behind.

Bangkok is fast losing it’s rugged character and charm. It’s conceivable in the future bar areas like Soi Cowb0y, Soi Nana and other nearby tourist places will be put under pressure with sky high rents and the land grabbing condo developers might swoop in one day. Soi 11 might be all condos and hotels one day too, as who wants noisy nightclubs and bars on their doorstep?

Soi 11 and pretty much anywhere in Bangkok potentially can have nearby construction noise. I would advise anyone to check the latest Tripadvisor Hotel reviews to see if noise is a persistent problem where you are staying. When checking in to your hotel if there is nearby construction simply request a quiet room away from the noise to minimise potential disturbance.

Insanity Club, a lot of investment has been made here. They are trying to recreate the premium club experience of Vegas or Ibiza by getting international DJs in etc… Whether it will work or not in the long term is anyone’s guess. The EDM music they play is very loud inside. It seems busy right now as Soi 11 is gridlocked every night from midnight to 3am around that corner. No flip flops allowed for guys.

Fraser Suites. If you’re visiting Bangkok in Sept/Oct/Nov 2017 then right now you can get rooms for around $76 a night which is great value as they usually start from $115.

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Music: LAKEY INSPIRED – Island


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  1. Another great job 112 ?
    I will be in Pattaya 12/9 if your about for a beer ?

  2. Bangkok is changing rapidly. Gone with the good old times. :~

  3. Good stuff. I like Soi 11, used to eat Fish & Chips at Snappers before it closed down. I bet you're off out for an early morning bev tomorrow to watch the fight at one of the bars? 4am here damn it

  4. In 5 years it will have a real decline in tourism and 20 years i think will be rundown. I think they are so used to being the top tourist destination that they think it wont ever slow down or stop. You cant change why people come to bangkok so drasticly like they are, it is now a sinking ship that is going down slowly but once that it is sunk it is gone forever. There will be too many rundown high rises for it to recover from a big recession in tourism.

  5. Yours are the best videos of this type.

  6. There r a few street food vendors in Ton Son Alley, between Sukhumvit and Lumpini Park

  7. may i suggest to you to explore Vietnam.

  8. At last! Some fun vlogs again!

  9. Is the Grand President Hotel still on Soi 11?

  10. Cant believe soi 11 has changed so much.. fkin condos.. used to be one of the best party eat streets in suk

  11. 100 for bottle of Chang and it's happy hour xD r u kidding me ?? xD

  12. What was the reasoning for shutting down the street food vendors? Explain please.

  13. geoff carter done a blog there yesterday and today he is in soi 31

  14. Man I hate that the alley behind Cheap Charlies is gone. I used to love going to Charlie Brown's and The Alchemist cocktail bar. Real shame.

  15. I'm trying to visit Bangkok as much as I can now. A matter of time before it gets pricey.

  16. 2007 my first trip to Thailand and stayed soi 11,,amazing time…2008 stayed same place President solitaire hotel…3000 baht per night and had my birthday at Bed Supperclub..for those who know it..long gone now…just memories… thx Bangkok 112 for remembering old times..

  17. I Love Soi 11. it is a big Change of soi 11 within this 2 to 3 years.

  18. The rich are capitalizing on the low priced rundown real estate. In 10 years or so they will buy it all up and turn the whole area into a posh modern vacation area. Bad for the common people good for the rich.

  19. Nice vlogg – BKK looks fit to bust !!! ??

  20. Who's buying $900k condos in Thailand?

  21. Hello 112 must ask as i know you are a big McGregor fan.
    Who is going to win the big fight ?

  22. Great vlog mate, great one!!!!!!

  23. U say no resale value @4.30 but peeps are buying those units to begin with so there must be?

  24. Bkk 112 can you blame the massage girls for cat calling you handsome devil.

  25. Great vid stayed at the Ambassador hotel in 2004 it looks like a lot has changed the first casualties are usually familiarity and tradition in the name of progress great shame Cheap Charlies is closed down that place was a must visit on any bucket list coming back out in December still looks like plenty happening even with the changes.

  26. I stayed at Citadines this August. They have a rooftop swimming pool, small gym, and laundery service (washing machines on the top floor) for 100 THB. That dude at 15:13 was sitting at that bar all the time. I´m sure he´s still sitting there. 🙂 "High class freelancers" at Oskar Bistro – most of them only pretend to be high class. They are average Thai ladies, just dressed up. Mullis sports bar has some very nice waitresses. Too bad it´s not so easy to pick up some when you are just a short-term visitor. 🙁

  27. Just stay in Bangkok. That's where you produce the best vlogs. Enjoyed this one a lot.

  28. I wish you wouldn't had been cheap and taken that 1 hr taxi ride around Bangkok. I would've even paid you for it…

  29. I think im losing my interest in Thailand, seems places like Bangkok are just turning into normal everyday Big cities, not fun at all……..

  30. I hope they can also clean up Pattaya like this!

  31. I stayed at Smart Suites at the end and to the left of Soi 11. OK place but I was really surprised by the number of Muslims in the area rather than Thai folks. Liked the food at the German place. Sky train is an awesome deal and great way to get around.

  32. If u state the time in 24hr mode then the pm am is redundant gr8 vid info !

  33. Why did they closed climax? it was every time packed!?!?!?! anyone knows?

  34. Damn Batman…those Thaiger burgers sound good, double bacon, jalapenos and b-b-que sauce…I'm f'kin starvin'…10$, that's like in the states…myself, I'd rather eat that little striped number at 12:23…but then I'm a lecherous bastard from waay back. Man…old age…what a pain-in-the-ass.

  35. A rather more in depth look at Soi 11 than Geoff Carter did just a day or so ago.
    Bangkok is certainly changing. I remember with affection the Soi 10 and B52 bar complexes. Anybody else remember those?

  36. Looks like the military wants Bangkok to cleanup and be more like Singapore.. Street vendors are disappearing…Such a shame

  37. Thanks for the refreshing update. A daytime walkthrough that also mentions nightlife & a variety of topics is helpful for knowing what to expect on your next trip. Yes, I joined your Patreon site.

  38. German beerbar: 3 out of 7 beers are actually German.

  39. happening in many countries, governments give free reign to real estate developers. build "luxury" apartments, price out the middle class

  40. I highly recommend the Dynasty Grand Hotel on Soi 6. Clean, good amenities, quiet street, short walk to Nana BTS, about $50-$60 US a night.

  41. 4.43 foreigner guy speak chinese language

  42. I guess I haven't been keeping up, didn't know about the Climax.

  43. My wife's cousin Samlee and her Canadian husband Pierre run a restaurant B&A Bistro on Soi 7/1. Check it out.

  44. SuperRich also down Soi 22 a Chinese owned one opposite the Marriott 🙂


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