Happy ending massage in Bangkok – Body 2 body – Bangkok Video

Published: 2017-10-19 13:07:31

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Bangkok, Thailand. Walk around Sukhumvit from Soi 7/1 to Soi 6 and Soi 4.
This is a famous district in Bangkok full of massage parlors, You can get “everything”

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  1. So many dudes dressed up as girls. Confusing

  2. She said body to body massage!
    What is that supposed to mean?

  3. I like your video but it would be better for me if you didn't walk so fast. The scenes go by so fast I miss a lot.

  4. Watching this is like being on a medium size boat in a large size storm. I think I need a seasick pill.

  5. When packing for 60 days there, do I need to pack jeans, and t-shirts, socks, etc?

  6. I'm also packing my xbox one, is that a good idea?

  7. A good hotel on Soi 7/1 (happy massage street) https://goo.gl/3JyLac Video from the hotel https://youtu.be/37q7kelfHgs

  8. What's the outro music? Sounds cool

  9. Please your videos going not stop for to see clear

  10. I can't read I can't see I want no face of girls I want no in the face

  11. You act like a Dork Jerk off talking to the massage girls,tell them you want to Boink them in the Butt hole.

  12. واش هدا القوم هههههه


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