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Manufacturing is constantly in motion, affected by many external factors fluctuating over time. Everything is going faster, technology no longer has boundaries, and companies must keep up with the rapid pace of change to ensure their sustainability. Premier Tech Chronos is one of the largest industrial equipment manufacturers in the industry. Our systems are designed, manufactured and integrated by our own team, ensuring the very best communication among the various sections of our packaging production lines.

We have been, and we continue to be, a leader in innovation, but for several years we asked ourselves: How can we improve and deal with our fast-growing expansion?

Fostering the development of our team members becomes a key element in our success.


Imagine… Located in Bangkok, you arrive very early this morning to prepare yourself for your Skype follow-up with managers from all over Asia. You are tracking the proposed implementation of a new talent management approach for all Asian Premier Tech Chronos sites. Today, you are validating their action plan and determining how you can support these team members in solving their problems and in moving the project forward. Even at a distance, your internal clients can always count on your team management expertise and your advisory role and ability!

Later in the morning, you plan your tour of the site in China, since one of your mandates is to develop performance management in different teams. When traveling, you take advantage of meeting new candidates to recruit, train managers and coach them. You convince managers to introduce new performance targets in their Business Units. This time, you will communicate face-to-face rather than on Skype, because you will be participating in a diligent audit exercise for a proposed acquisition in China, and you will get to visit the manufacturing operations at the same time.

You are part of a matrix organization, for which you have to work with the HR team based at the Premier Tech World Headquarters in Canada, and you are sometimes involved in new global mandates in North America and Europe. You are asked to attend a worldwide meeting via Skype with the Head Office, but you are in a completely different time zone. For you, this is something that you can adapt to, because you demonstrate impeccable agility and are motivated by challenges.

At Premier Tech, this type of situation is very real! Our growth has allowed us to almost double our sales every 5 years. Premier Tech is on a roll, and there are many challenges ahead!


•You have worked for a minimum of 10 years in HR teams;
•You have a strategic approach and can adapt quickly to different situations;
•You already accompany business leaders and deploy approaches in talent management (staffing, succession development, team commitment, performance, etc.);
•You use your influence to work with leaders. You like change (which you initiate sometimes!) and being surrounded by entrepreneurial personalities;
•You have a remarkable facility for working in a fast-paced environment;
•You are motivated to integrate a large organization present in 24 countries with a head office and a Campus in Canada;
•You are driven by management and development mandates within the context of sustained growth, innovation, excellence and high-tech;
•You are known for your inspiring management skills;
•It’s essential for you to speak Thai and English, and skills in other languages can be a great value (Mandarin for example);
•You are an efficient communicator with skill in creating relationships with colleagues located in Canada, Europe, India and China, to support our fast-growing development;
•You are a passionate person with considerable ambition, and are always looking for new challenges!
•You will support 225 team members and managers in 10 sites located in India, China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Some people could be stressed by the unexpected and by the accompaniment of intrapreneurs who want to change the world. But not you! On the contrary, you thrive on challenges that allow you to apply your business judgment and your ability to develop management systems, in order to support growth and the decision-making process, in a constantly changing environment.

The world is changing fast, and so is the way we do business. Are you up to the challenge?



Premier Tech (PT), it’s more than 90 years of passion, with over 3 800 team members in 24 countries. That’s right, team members, not employees. Through the teamwork of our three groups (Horticulture and Agriculture, Industrial Equipment, Environmental Technologies), we keep growing, all around the world. We are intrapreneurs* at heart. We constantly challenge the status quo in order to push our limits. We are not afraid of taking calculated risks, never shying away from our mistakes along the way. Dedicated to always learn from our actions, we seize all growth opportunities, even the painful ones, sharing with each other the knowledge of our successes (which we always celebrate!) and failures. All together, we are deeply committed to excel at what we do… We are the Premier Tech team.

3800 Team members
24 Countries
41 Plants
150 Patents
C$725M Sales
11.5% Annual growth

* Intrapreneur [noun]: a professional building a business from the inside out, contributing to a culture that creates value.



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