Pattaya Walking Street – July 2018 – Bangkok Video

Published: 2018-07-09 14:00:05

Pattaya Walking Street – July 2018

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A video of a stroll up Walking Street, Pattaya. I arrived around 11pm and had a look at some of the many changes of bars from the last few months…

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Start of Walking Street
0:51 Tourist Police checkpoint
1:55 Taboo bar
2:31 Skyfall bar
2:58 Rock Street live music bar
3:28 Bliss Agogo
4:13 Mandarin Agogo
4:52 Panda Agogo (new)
5:17 Simon Beer bar complex
5:44 Girl from Miami Club with impossibly tight shorts
6:35 Stars Club (new)
6:57 Fahrenheit Agogo
8:05 Iron Club
9:37 Eden Agogo (new)
11:11 Nui’s Club 2 & Glass House Agogo
12:57 Lucifer Disco and Muzzik cafe
13:20 Palace Agogo
13:47 Atlantis Agogo (new)
14:35 Tantra Agogo
15:39 Bypass Agogo – girls trying to snag some overpaying Asian customers
17:28 Baccara Agogo
19:22 Galaxy Gentleman’s club & Pier Disco
20:10 LB freelancers
23:03 Living Dolls Agogo
23:28 ‘Lady in Red’ 🙂
23:53 African freelancer bar
24:51 ibar and insomnia, the most popular freelancer clubs in Pattaya
25:06 Hot Tuna rock bar & a nice Gary Moore cover
26:01 Outro

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Outro song
Termite Infested White Picket Fence – Tomove


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  1. OK … Thai girls super gorgeous that’s why lots of British guys marry them and bring PROSTITUTES to their country …… that’s a laff …HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Wonderful Vidio Bangkok and happy girls

  3. It's so difficult to wrap my brain around the fact that some of those girls are part guy!! They are beautiful!! Makeup, can hide a multitude of sins!!! You have very good video's and the caption's are top notch and professional

  4. I managed to get it cheap from the premium bar Skyfall. Went in for a drink, then followed the principal letting the girl choose you for a good time, and came out 20 minutes later, with a girl in hand, 3.5k all in all for long time.

  5. The girl in the green ''dress'' blonde braided hair shaved head is really hot!! And I love her earrings, that say FUCK!! Also the girl in the purple dress at the ATM you mentioned is really exceptional!! That's who you should've talked to and taken to bed!! Are any of, what you call ''Gentlemen's Club'', we call them Strip Clubs, all nude? And if they are do they do dances on you all nude? Not that it will ever do m any good, as I'm never going to be able to go there. Just curious

  6. Not gonna front but those Lb freelancers look good ?

  7. Much better then the allah oh arkbar ! Again mesmerized ! Also 8 boyz is saved right now. May be you watching the rescue in live.

  8. Can’t wait for another trip in December

  9. Usually those Skyfall girls have a COW when you video them……….Not this time

  10. So do the girls out front of the clubs go inside with the guys or are they just there to screech at passers by? Lol.

  11. 6:06 DAMN that ass sticks naturally out nicely!! And no on the tattoos. It's distracting in various bodily positions.

  12. Tattoos … against! But I'm old.

  13. Besides Panda, what other bars are Chinese owned? I'd like to know which ones to avoid.

  14. Would anyone recomend comming here during Christmas, new years or thanksgiving? Also best place to pick up 3 ladies

  15. South America is much better for this sort of fun now. Cities like Lima…Medellin..etc have women that look like supermodels. And you wont run the risk of a ladybody…wtf is that anyway. Youre trying to have fun and have to worry if the girl is a dude?? South American capitals are so much safer now and are the best place in the world to have fun. And ive been to both regions…the glory days of s.e. asia are over ?

  16. Those ladyboys are getting prettier every year. It's becoming harder to tell the difference.

  17. 5:03 black boots, nice buns
    12:15 far right – nice legs

  18. I'm the so-called "older generation" and I quite like the tattoo's myself.

  19. So many freelancers, so little time. I bet most of those guys have no idea that they're talking to a ladyboy. Tattoos—I like 'em. They're a bit trashy-looking, and I like women that are a bit on the trashy side lol

  20. People keep saying Phillipines is cheaper now.

    How are the girls there, better than Pattaya?

  21. Pattaya Cakes
    Pattaya Cakes
    I'm a snaker, ma'am
    Let me snake your cakes
    As fast as I can!
    Hey. Isn't this the Monsoon season, ala those boys in the cave? I thought the middle of winter pre-spring was the busy times. Wasn't it only a month ago you were in Hau Hin and it was mostly only ancestral ghosts being tourists? Is HH full of visitors now?
    Tattoos are like ladyboys to me. They bore me in seconds. They might look better on men than women. Ladyboys don't seem to be tatted much. One day maybe that'll be a quick way to tell. Girls will have them LB's won't.

  22. @bangkok112 once again nice vid man , i have a question , if i don't drink alcohol for a reason (mostly health issue) does bars in thai generally serve non alcoholic drink ? i don't mind buying the girls drink but i can't drink myself, so are there ?

  23. Thanks you for the new clip. Looking forward to your update. I wanna visit walking street again though visiting in this May.

  24. Long Live Free Town Pattaya – The City Of Love !

  25. Great vid /footage ????u did your thing on this one info wise

  26. Is tim sharky still alive

  27. Thanks for the vid bkk. Oddly enough I've been to Pattaya four times and never been to Walking Street after dark. I always stay around LK Metro area. After watching this vid I have promised myself a stroll down there on my next visit in September

  28. Wow bankok 112,this video is excellent,too many beautiful ladies.I want to take right now a fight to Pattaya to enjoy that part of the word.yesss ?????‍♀️?‍♀️

  29. I’m on holiday right now in Pattaya since 1st July, whilst I love your videos I’m glad you didn’t catch me in your footage!

  30. Nice video! I miss Walking Street so much, the bars, the girls, the vibe. Keep us updated.

  31. Man I wanna live in Thailand but my income says otherwise and only allows me to go once in while


  32. Thank's112 another great vlog …

  33. ive been watching your videos since early 2016. and still havent made it to thailand. i want to go man

  34. Too many people in the way messing with your auto focus in this one. So many people for low season. And I still think the Miami club girl takes the prize for this one 🙂 Thanks!

  35. ALWAYS Great Info On your channel.
    Thank you !
    I Like that " Blonde" sailor girl with the hand tattoo ! @ 8;47 ish

  36. I dont like the girls with tattoos. Its like using a crayon on a Rembrandt. My opinion of best `action` is the Windmill. Say no more 😛 I noticed the African Freelance bar. I could never figure out if the bar lady was a ladyboy or not, But she had a really great personality. A good spot to hang

  37. 112. You should do a Video of which Bars have the Sexiest Uniforms for Promo Girls. My vote goes to the Skyfall Ladies

  38. The lady in the maid outfit centre at the 2:05 mark has the best smile ever!

  39. Please show kisses and romantic videos in this place

  40. I want to clarify the Saudi flag of Bangkok


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