Bangkok And Business – Why Coworking Spaces Are Increasingly In Demand

As Thailand’s economy experiences new growth, the country is seeing a surge in the number of coworking spaces cropping up in demand for the popular workspace design. Long a favourite of start-ups, freelancers, and SMEs, the coworking space has evolved to include those that cater to a particular population, namely tech, the start-up, and many niche spaces. Interestingly, though, the workspace design is so popular there that it makes Thailand the coworking capital of the world.

Bangkok is a draw for millennial professionals attracted to the city’s urban flavour and numerous opportunities, and with good reason. Some of these offices sit close to business centres making coworking a great deal for those in need of budget-friendly office space. Servcorp coworking space in Bangkok is an example of an outfit that provides centrally-located offices around the city.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why Bangkok coworking spaces are increasingly becoming popular.

Affordability And Accessibility

A few of the central reasons many professionals find themselves drawn to coworking spaces in Bangkok is because of their affordability and accessibility. coworking is one of the most affordable options available today for start-ups and other businesses trying to keep overhead low. For the price of using space on an as-needed basis, professionals get access to a workspace (hot desk or dedicated desk), office amenities like internet service and office equipment. Some coworking spaces can also provide access to conference and meeting rooms.

Additionally, many of these spaces are located near conveniences. Professionals who need to get around the city have access to transit and housing much easier in Bangkok than other locations. Additionally, these spaces place them in proximity to establishments that can be a good source of foot traffic, which ultimately drives business.

Changing Work Habits

Another reason that professionals love coworking spaces in Bangkok is the ever-changing habits of the country’s professionals. With the emergence of start-ups, freelancers, and small businesses on the rise, many of these people choose to rent affordable office space in an accessible location. Then, let’s not mention the digital nomad movement and the impact of remote working on attracting professionals to coworking spaces in Bangkok.

Sense Of Community

The camaraderie that goes along with working in an environment that actively promotes and encourages social engagements is another reason professionals are attracted to spaces in the city. As coworking evolves, those renting spaces are placing a lot of emphasis on making social interaction a feature of spaces.

Some of the better spaces will actually hold both formal and informal events that encourage this type of interaction. Furthermore, the sense of community that any of these spaces engenders allows for professionals to actively participate in the goings-on of the space whether that means hosting events, creating an online newsletter, or helping with the space’s social media site.

Multi-Purpose Space

Finally, coworking spaces in these locations serve more than just being a space in which to work. The coworking space’s other functions include being a hub and opportunity for networking, as these outfits house a diverse population of industries. Both formal and informal networking opportunities translate into other ones, which ultimately raise your business’s profile.

One of the main advantages of networking in the coworking space is that it gives scope for collaboration. When working with others, businesses learn from other industries and prime the pump for growth. For Thailand’s business landscape where keeping a tight budget is a priority, the coworking space has more than one function and can be a worthwhile investment over time.

Coworking Bangkok

The Bangkok coworking scene is growing, and as international players appear on the scene, the tone and tempo of this trend will continue to evolve. For now, though, coworking provides businesses with access to many of the amenities found in urban centres. For your business, you might be able to make lifelong connections that help build business growth.

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