Chef Twins in Bangkok – MIDNIGHT CRISPY PORK LEG + German Food at Michelin Star Restaurant Sühring! – Bangkok Video

Published: 2018-10-10 13:00:04

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For a while now I had wanted to eat at Restaurant Sühring (, a modern German food restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. Along with serving world class German food in Thailand, one of the unique aspects of Restaurant Sühring is that the chefs are twins!

Restaurant Sühring is one of the most well known high end dining restaurants in Bangkok, having received a Michelin Star and at the top of the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.

I just want to make this clear – I initially wanted to eat at Sühring and asked permission to film a video. Graciously, they did not allow me to pay, though I had all intention to do so. This video is not sponsored, but I didn’t pay for the food. Thank you to Khun Pup for organizing.

Ok, let’s get into this amazing meal we had, including a surprise German style fried pork leg, which happened to be at midnight (we dined for like 4 hours, and what an incredible meal it was).

Here are all the dishes we ate at Sühring:

Berliner Pfannkuchen
Huehnchen Salat – chicken salad
Lachs & Gurke – cured salmon
Entenleber & Buchteln – foie gras mousse
Frankfurter grüne soße, geräucherter aal – eel
Brotzeit – bread
Leipziger Allerlei – herbs, crayfish
Hungarian duck
German pork knuckle
Rote grutze & tonka
Pfirsich & quark – peach dessert
Candy box
Eierlikör – egg liqueur

Tasting menu – 4,400 THB ($135.65)
Wine pairing – 3,600 THB ($110.98)

Again, I was really looking forward to finally having the chance to eat at Restaurant Sühring as a lot of my food friends in Bangkok told me how good it was. Something I really loved is how both the twins are so passionate about cooking and how each dish had a story behind it – many of which had a family story behind it. Both Ying and I really enjoyed out meal.

Huge thank you to the Mathias and Thomas Sühring for the meal and hospitality!


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  1. Wow!!! Michelin star, Romantic Dinner

  2. I love your content mark! ❤️ ❤️ Keep up the great work. You're an essential to my day!

  3. Delicious ❤️.. You both lookin gorgeous ?

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    The twins btothers were so nice!

  7. Thank you for the videos Mark

  8. This vlog s 1 of the best!! Everything they served s amazingly creative n awesome!! Off course it's costly but tht ideas n preparation required hard work n dedication!!! So appreciate for those two brothers!! No wonder tht why Germans r always called precise at everywhere!!! N Mark hats off to you too explore such places!! He almost change his way f eating n appreciating as per restaurant tht makes him differ from any1!!!!!

  9. I was had at “ you are eating in the kitchen area “ i love it

  10. Very honest review (sarcasm. Not sponsored at all)

  11. The food was so beautiful it made u not want to eat it but, I bet it was delicious. I want to see u eat balut one day

  12. You age with honour! Lookin great!

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  15. Again! Wow!
    The Grandmother's recipe and her legend lives on… That was precious and them desserts…. wow!again!
    Thanx Mark?

  16. Too much sophistication???????

  17. Wow 135$ +110$ all together… that's not even excessive…, I don't want to say"cheap" ..but almost, for all the courses (with caviar) and Extreme Meticulousness of their work…i am Impressed…!!
    If i was rich i Would travel the world to Eat…and meet Beautiful Women..!!

  18. I wanna know how much that meal was ?

  19. Is there anyone else watching him from Romania? Just curious! 🙂

  20. the truffles looks like scabs

  21. What a lovely dinner?
    Awesome video mark and ying!

  22. Street food exploring was much better . There is lot of life , isn't it Mark?

  23. Best menu items ever that is where art food and passion combine. It will the first place to visit

  24. When you’re on first name terms with Michelin star chefs, you know you’ve arrived.?

  25. Mark please make a visit to Gaggan's restaurant which was voted best restaurant in Asia, its in Bangkok. 🙂

  26. Best food channel on youtube hands down

  27. So many ethnic flavors but wow.


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