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Foy Tong : Unravelling the threads of a culinary legacy.

Perhaps it will manifest in its full elegance as delicate golden tresses, resting languorously on a gleaming banana leaf; or, maybe as a sort-of straggly yellow toupée atop the sweet Thai crepe, Khanom Beuang. It may also show up ruthlessly squashed into a plastic-wrapped styrofoam tray. Yet, despite its ubiquity in everyday Thai life, few realise that this peculiar dessert has a decidedly long and cross-cultural past, harking back half a millennium – to the convents of Portugal. Whether whilst squeezing through sweaty lunch-hour crowds or on a weekend amble through the crisp, air-con climes of a shiny mall, a Bangkok resident is, at one time or another, going to encounter the golden-yellow, stringy phenomenon that is Foy Tong (“Golden Threads”).

The original Portuguese version of the confection, Fios de Ovos (“Egg Threads”) is said to owe its creation to the culinary genius of some enterprising…

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