Nana to Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand November 2018 – Bangkok Video

Published: 2018-11-08 08:24:28

Geoff Carter walks from Nana plaza to Khao San Road in Bangkok.
7.1 kilometers distance in 90 degrees Only to find that Khao San Road was empty of all Bangkok street vendors. The Character of the place has completely gone. Who ever is making all these changes to the tourists spots are ruining tourism for Thailand.
It used to be hustle & bustle, but now its dead. another one bites the dust. :O(

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  1. YESSSSSSS!!!! I've clicked like and haven't watched it yet 555. good timing Geoff I'm about sit down and eat my dinner and watch it. Wooohooo!!

  2. Great to have you back…have it?

  3. Its about time you got back to Thailand…..been waiting months for some new videos !

  4. Finally Geoff's is back in Thailand

  5. Hi Geoff it's Mike from march hotel in July good see you back in land of smiles..I will be there in January. Looking forward to your videos ..keep smiling

  6. I pay 60 baht for a large Leo at Klong Toei market. Stool and table supplied also. Mamma is used to seeing us now and doesn't check to see how many we drink, she trusts us 🙂

  7. Good to see you back Geoff . Missed your vlogs ???

  8. Great effort Geoff thx for the tour. Enjoy your stay ?

  9. Thailand is losing a lot of its character I barely recognised khao San.

  10. Good Onya G C ! Great to see you back in Thailand ??⁉️⁉️⁉️?Always Enjoy you’re Vlogs !!

  11. Pandora bar again this Christmas? What date?

  12. Love your walking tours Geoff.
    Hey – gutted to see what's happened in Khao San. I used to get all my fake ID cards there in the '80s…

  13. way haaaay good to see you back mate

  14. Yay !! ,yessss we excited too , gonna wait till kettles boils, make ourselves comfy and watch it with a cuppa!

  15. Your back Waheyahhh looking forward to more great vlogs young man!

  16. How far did you walk to get there Geoff. 555.

  17. geoff is bk fantastic keep smiling

  18. welcome back youve been missed mate you bring a lot of fun with your videos cant wait for the next one well all keep smiling stay safe GEOFF STEVE+NAM

  19. The master is back…look forward to your 2018 vlogs Geoff

  20. Welcome back hope to see you out and about in Pattaya

  21. Hey up the lads back. Watch out.


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