Train Gap and Bando Durability Test with the FlightClub Bangkok – Bangkok Video

Published: 2018-12-07 00:40:12

Most of the technical aspects and fitment are good to go on the Bangkok. Now we just need to test the durability of the frame.

Watch EnvyAstro rip it up with the Bangkok in the abandoned warehouse and play with a cargo train.

There were some nasty crashes on concrete. Good news is the frame made it through with just a few scratches. No carbon, aluminum or electronics broke.

Only thing that broke was the Crossfire antenna mount. It’s ok cause the mount was something I whipped up really quickly to hold the antenna. It will be tweaked and tested before release.

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FlightClub Bangkok | Freestyle Drone Frame

Find out more about the new Bangkok frame we’ve been working on:

Checkout EnvyAstro’s channel for some crazy tests and shenanigans:

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Current Quad Setup

FlightClub Neutron –
EMAX Mini Magnum 2 –
Foxeer Arrow Micro Pro –
Tmotor F40II 1750KV –
TBS Unify V3 –
Lumenier AXii Stubby –
TBS Crossfire Nano –
Immortal T Antenna –

My Video Equipment:

Sony A7rii –

Favorite Tools

Weller Digital Soldering Station –
Dewalt Gyroscopic Screwdriver –
Anker Powerhouse –

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  1. I’ve never flown freestyle but for some reason, I want one

  2. Can’t wait to get my own too??

  3. Nice job guys, That was sick! Its looking good Mike. ??

  4. I can't wait. I love everything that is bangkok. Yo….you gotta let me get one before christmas??????If not, I'm taking Ivan' Him and Hendo just gonna leave it sitting anyway. Nothin but love.

  5. Amazing flying, dude!!! ?
    I need to get one of these frame some day… Even if I have to travel to the US to get it! ?

  6. Really nice looking frame man.

  7. That was a pretty cool flight video – that was Envy Astro?

  8. Fucking hilarious with the bodyguard! I bet Envy would be every bit as good as a bodyguard as he is a pilot.

  9. are you gonna get other colors mike?


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