OMG WHY? | Thailand Street Food | Bangkok Vlog 2019 | EATING SCORPIONS – Bangkok Video

Published: 2019-01-11 00:17:36

Loving Bangkok, OMG the street food is interesting. This is why we love travelling, you get to meet adventurous people, hat of to this guy for eating this scorpion and sharing the moment with our tourists. We have a super fun day in China Town, Bangkok. We will be sharing more Bangkok Vlogs with you.


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  1. Bangkok seems like a beautiful place n can see that u all enjoy yr holiday. That scorpion though! ?

  2. I'm a scorpio and I loved watching him eat one

  3. I really love the travel vlogs.

  4. Greetings Panglea family! The Christmas decorations in Bangkok are soooo pretty! That fried scorpion did not look appetizing at all but kudos to the guy who tried it – LOL. I enjoyed your vlog and thank you for sharing your family adventures.

  5. I simply L♥️VE your Travel videos & Comments…such tresured Holiday Times to remember – reminds me of my own childhood memories..just the right age to remember it for a lifetime….thanks for taking Us along….? ? Thumbs UP‼️

  6. Loved the video but those edible bugs, YUCK!?

  7. Another enjoyable vlog, but the ending with the edible scorpion was a bit much for my taste.

  8. Another awesome vlog, ?The clothe line is Awesome Prim!

  9. OMG, those kids are beautiful. What a gorgeous family.

  10. That was one serious mall!
    Did you try the scorpion? I dont know why I was thinking it would taste like crab or lobster!

  11. Ok so I had to ask Alexa and this is what she said…They are very crunchy and taste similar to the potato chips. This is how do scorpions taste like! Of course they are much healthier, have a lot of protein and nutrients. They are deep fried

  12. Snacking on scorpions! No thank you. I'm good! ? Thank God I don't eat meat, or seafood!? You are some adventurous souls. The Christmas decorations were phenomenal! So creative!


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