HOW TO SPEND 24 HOURS in BANGKOK! – Bangkok Video

Published: 2019-02-11 13:56:02

How to Spend 24 Hours in Bangkok
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This video also features
Gabe Desanti
Kraig Adams

A 24 Hour travel guide around Bangkok, Thailand
– Thai tea
– Ride in a tuk tuk
– Water taxi
– Wat Arun
– Eat Pad Thai in chinatown
– MBK market
– Red Sky Bar
– Cabbages & Condoms restaurant
– Khao San Road

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  1. Where else do you guys want to see a 24 hour video ?

  2. Pinky up with that drink, you fancy!

  3. Looking forward to my visit in April. Cant wait. I moved to Medellin last July. Love it. Check out my videos of Medellin. Ready for Bankok

  4. Production value is ever increasing. Great work Brett.

  5. Found myself here through Kraig Adams! You definitely have a new loyal subscriber!

  6. The editing was on point, love this vid Brett! In which country will you be in the next video? Anyway, enjoy !!

  7. Just Got my Passport. About to see you on the beaches of the World and a Course these NYC streets.

  8. What happened after dinner?😂😉

  9. Another quality travel guide keep killing it!! Knew it was next level when you had your pink up at 4:59 😂🍻

  10. Brett I Haven’t even watch the video yet already give it a like I could tell it’s going to be a “Bang”kok.😂💪🏻

  11. Wow that intro was sick! Love it 🙂

  12. I gotta go back to Thailand now! Brett this Video was sooooo much fun to watch. Editing, narrations, drone shoots 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 can wait to see more.

  13. Well brett there is a someone dislike this video well he is an idiot…you’re creating something hyped everyone

  14. Hey Brett! After finding your channel a few weeks ago, I ended up visiting NYC this past weekend! Wow. What a place to be! To bad I didn’t have the chance to run into you! I’ll be back 100%!

  15. Its crazy to see how Brett's channel has grown and changed, and also just how much fun he's having! Proud of you mate!

  16. 1:39 why does it look like some perv is flashing her, lol.

  17. This is awesome!! I really wanna travelto Thailand🤘🏼

  18. The music is too loud, it's drowning out your voice.

  19. Another interesting and well edited video. Only thing is the music was a little loud while you’re narrating. Great job though. Love the fast pace. Definitely needs to be a series of these.

  20. “And that’s how you subscribe in Thai” hahaha


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