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Published: 2019-05-15 11:00:05

Terminal 21 Food Court Bangkok – Cheapest Food Court In Bangkok
Terminal 21’s food court is one of the biggest in the city and offers enough to keep the whole family happy. There are popular everyday Thai meals such as pad Thai and steamed chicken and rice, but also Chinese-influenced roasted duck on rice (bet yang), Indian tandoori, Japanese style vegetable sukiyaki, and chicken steak and French fries. There are also great vegetarian options from stalls that pre-cook dishes and keep them warm in large metal containers. A personal favourite is the vegetarian massaman curry, which is full of delicate flavors, not overpowered by spice like some other dishes and thickened with coconut cream which complements the fluffy chunks of potato.
If you visit Pier 21 food court make sure you try the mango with sticky rice (Khao nee-ow ma mueng) for dessert. Ripe golden mango laid out over sweet chunks of sticky rice that is covered with coconut cream and finished off with a sprinkle of sesame. Fresh, healthy and cheap – it’s the perfect example of what food courts are all about. Before you select your meal, customers must first exchange cash for a stored value card which is then used to pay for food. Any remaining credit can be refunded before you leave. Since it opened in 2011, Terminal 21’s food court has been popular with a wide range of customers; everyone from office workers popping in for a bite to eat, teenagers keen to photograph everything and anything in their vicinity and, quite noticeably, a lot of tourists. It makes sense that Terminal 21 is popular with tourists as all the menus are in English (as are the TVs playing Discovery Channel), there is a great range of clean, cheap and delicious Thai food with enough options to keep everyone happy.

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Translated titles:
टर्मिनल 21 फूड कोर्ट बैंकॉक-बैंकॉक में

টার্মিনাল 21 ফুড কোর্ট ব্যাংকক-ব্যাংকক

Terminal 21 Food Court Bangkok-曼谷最便宜的美食廣場

Terminal 21 Food Court Bangkok-Pinakamababang Food Court Sa Bangkok

Terminal 21 Food Court Bangkok-Food Court Termurah Di Bangkok


Terminal 21 Food Court Bangkok-Mahkamah Makanan Termurah di Bangkok

முனையம் 21 உணவு நீதிமன்றம் பாங்காக்-பா

Terminal 21 Food Court Bangkok-ศูนย์อาหารราคาถูกที่สุด

Terminal 21 Food Court Bangkok-Khu ẩm thực rẻ nhất ở Bangkok


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  1. Terminal 21’s food court is one of the biggest in the city and maybe the cheapest…❤️🇹🇭
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  2. Hi Martin, looks like the audio issue is resolved.
    Enjoyed the vid, T21 is my to go foodcourt, I heard it is so cheap because the stalls do not to have to pay rent but must keep the prices cheap. I think it is to attract people coming.
    My favourite is the papaya salad stall and the stir fried stall almost at the end for a pork with holy basil with fried egg, total less than 100 Bath. I don’t think you can beat that, even the street stalls are more expensive!

  3. Hi Martin! Enjoyed this video. It’s good to see you try out the food other than filming the food 😊
    Very cheap indeed. Appreciate your work ❤️

  4. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏🏻👏🏻


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